Small Group Ministries

Prayer Groups

Sunday Morning Prayer Room Sign-Up - Participate in prayer for our three morning times of worship celebration. Those who participate in this ministry are in the prayer room for one hour on a Sunday morning, praying for the church, the Sunday worship ministry, the pastors, worship leaders, musicians and worshippers for God to work to change lives through the good news of Jesus Christ in all that we do for: salvation, encouragement, healing, discipleship and witnessing.  If you are called to this ministry you sign-up for only one hour at a time and may do it only as often as you are led to do so.  Sign-up sheet at church/contact the church office. 

Thursday Evening Prayer Group
- A group of folks who are committed to bring praise and petitions to God for people of the church, community and beyond each week.  The group meets at 7 PM in the prayer room on the south hallway (nearest the pastors, offices).  The group updates prayer needs and spends the balance of its time praying.  Contact:  Mitzie Wilson for more information.

Thursday After Prayer Circle - A group of prayer warriors working on discipleship materials and taking on prayer challenges to grow the Kingdom of God in the Newark community.  Prayer Circle meets on Thursday afternoons at various locations in downtown Newark.  Contact: Barb Chapman for more information.
Jesus said: With God all things are possible. ~ Matthew 19: 26