Outreach Team
 Led By: Ned Wilson
 Contact Email: marneumc@windstream.net
 Contact Phone: 740-763-4333

Outreach Ministry exists to serve people outside the walls of the church and engage the people of the church to use their gifts to serve people outside the walls of the church.
Primary Roles:

1. Develop a continuous, year-round program of mission education so that the congregation will be better informed, more knowledgeable, and more motivated to be supportive of the mission outreach of the church.
2. Identify the needs of your community, your country, and your world and engage your congregation in mission opportunities that seek to address these needs.
3. Seek to expand your congregation’s mission and benevolence budget and ensure that your congregation is provided every opportunity to participate financially in God’s mission through the church.

Team Members:
Donya Hageman (Co-Facilitator), Lil Six, Marlinda Hall, Brian Hall, Michelle Nagy, Joy Spargrove, Bev Ashcraft, John Ricket, Sharon Holman, Robyn Holtz



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