Media Team
 Led By: Rodger McDonald
 Contact Email:
 Contact Phone: 740-763-4333

Media Ministry exists to use any and all means possible to communicate the love of Jesus Christ and the church to the community and engage team members in use of their gifts and abilities in the multi-media arena.

Primary Roles:
In its broadest sense, church media is the sum total of everything we do, say, or show. Churches constantly communicate, whether they mean to or not. Intentionally communicating is the cornerstone of an effective media ministry and the essence of your job.
Media ministry provides a way to take a large number of ministry events, needs, activities, and opportunities and package them for presentation to the congregation and the community.
• Promote the church’s mission through communications.
• Coordinate communications to and from members (print/electronic newsletters, announcements).
• Share information about members (bulletin boards, special recognitions).
• Promote church-related events and opportunities to church members to get their participation or involvement.
• Promote events and opportunities sponsored by the church to the community.
• Build and maintain the church’s website.
• Write and design promotional and informational print materials.
• Ensure that all methods of communications are used well in worship.
Team Members:
Rodger McDonald (Chair), Jason Gray


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