Children’s Ministry

Primary Roles:
Whatever the organizational structure of your particular congregation, it is your responsibility to:
• study the needs of children.
• stay in touch with others who care about children.
• keep in close communication with the children, their parents, and their teachers.
• pray intentionally for the children and their families.
• suggest experiences that may be new or innovative.
• advocate for the children.
• be realistic in your requests.
• speak up for quality leadership.
• speak up for adequate funding.
• do everything possible to ensure that your church is a safe place for children
and for the adults who work with them.
• be acquainted with the curriculum and resource materials available.
• keep in touch with other leaders in the congregation who work with
youth, adults, and families.
• network with persons in other churches, if possible.
Team Members:

Pre-K Teachers:  Bethany Warner, Charity McFarland, Kris Houston, Janelle
K-5th Teachers:  John Ricket, Linda Spencer, Adina Fugate, Mitzie Wilson


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