Prayer Team
 Led By: Mitzie Wilson
 Contact Email:
 Contact Phone: 740-763-4333

We gather for regular Prayer Meetings to pray for the specific needs of individuals, the ministries of the church, and for the community.

The Prayer Ministry exists:
1.) To connect with God and earnestly expect God’s interaction on behalf of the church and community.
2.) To train and facilitate the praying life of the congregation.
Primary Roles:

  • Engage the church as a whole in the vital ministry of prayer, covering all types of prayer:
    • Intercession
    • Prayers for the lost
    • Healing
    • Prayers for the ministries of the church
  • Build and maintain a prayer chain via email and phone to communicate needs to be lifted up in prayer by the congregation and members of the Prayer Chain.
  • Meet prior to worship services each Sunday to pray for the service, those leading the service, and those in attendance.
Team Members:

Mitzie Wilson (Chair), Marilyn Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Kris Houston, Ned Wilson, Martha Lane, Earlene Stedman, Barb Chapman, Laura Wallace, Sherry Mitchell, Edna Danals, Linda Prouty

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