Visitation Team
 Led By: Karen McGee
 Contact Email:
 Contact Phone: 740-763-4333

Visitation Ministry exists to connect the church with the nursing home and home-bound church family members and engage members of the congregation in visiting the loved ones who are not able to enjoy the fellowship of the churchly weekly.
Primary Roles:

  • To build and maintain a connection with church family members who are home- or nursing home-bound. Means for maintaining that connection include, but are not limited to:
    • Regular monthly visits
    • Cards or notes in the mail
    • Keeping those members informed of the life of the congregation
    • Giving appropriate gifts
  • To advise the pastoral staff of needs of home- and nursing home-bound members.
  • To keep the congregation informed of the goings-on of home- and nursing home-bound members.
Team Members:
Patty Jones (Co-Facilitator), Mary Laskowski, Bev Ashcraft, Beverly Fleming, Carolyn Swinehart, Jan Canter, Frieda Engler

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